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Types of Air Conditioning Systems

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Today there are a large number of air conditioning systems on the market and each has different specifications, different maintenance requirements etc. We at GAM Air Conditioning understand this and have the ability to provide excellent air conditioning installation, repair,and maintenance services. We can work with all types of air-conditioning systems such as:


  • Ducted Air Conditioning System

    Ducted AC systems are commonly installed on residential properties. The air-conditioned air gets circulated throughout the house via ducting. The system itself could be installed in any outdoor area of your property.


  • Split Air Conditioning System

    Split systems are some affordable as well as energy-efficient. You can install these to cool specific rooms or areas of your home. The motor and fan is installed in an exterior space and some small pipes channel the cool air into the indoor spaces via an indoor unit that is installed on the wall. This type of system gives you complete control when it comes to cooling indoor spaces. It gives you the flexibility to cool one space or room at a time.


  • Window Air Conditioning System

    As the name suggests, these systems are installed in windows and can cool a specific room. They occupy the window space. This means you can’t have complete access to the window and openit up fully. But like the splitsystems, window ACs are quite energy-efficient.


Regardless of the type of air conditioning system youhave in your home, we can handle all your maintenance and repair requirements. We use the latesttechnology in our work andmake sure that your air conditioners work optimally at all times.


We at GAM Air Conditioning provide excellent residential and commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance and breakdown services.For any more information please feel free to contact us at 0283316397, send us your queries via this online form or get your free quote for installation here.


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