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Getting regular services and repairs of commercial and residential aircon units extends the life of the unit and keeps it running just like when it was first installed.

We are great at repairing the units that others refuse to touch. Our experience is diverse; from repairing small split systems in homes to maintaining larger systems for businesses and schools.

Our team of licensed experts will show you how we have maintained a 5-star rating in our 28 years of operations, so call now for a free quote and get your aircon system repaired with zero hassle.

How Do I Know If I Need Air Conditioning Repairs?

Unexpected Noises

It is normal for aircon systems to emit low levels of noise during their operation. However, rattling, buzzing, and even grinding noises can indicate an issue. That means it’s time for a professional to take a look at your unit!

Water Leaks

Aircon systems rely on coolant to operate and collect condensation while doing so. However, neither of these should leak into your home if the system is operating properly.


Odours indicate that it is time for a professional cleaning, and if this has not been done for a while, it can lead to additional issues that could damage your aircon system.

Rapid Cycling Between Off & On

Your aircon system will regularly go through its own cooling cycles. However, if you notice that it is cycling much more rapidly then it means that it is time for either a tune-up, or something needs replacing.

High Humidity

Aircon systems automatically control humidity levels in your home. If you notice that the humidity is becoming uncomfortable, then it means the aircon isn’t doing its job and needs a professional to take a look at it.

Warm Air

If the thermostat is set lower than the current room temperature and you are still getting warm air, then you might need to replace your aircon’s compressor.

Restricted/Insufficient Airflow

A clogged air filter, broken motor, or something more serious may cause restricted airflow that only a professional will be able to correctly diagnose and fix.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Repair Cost?

While prices vary depending on the individual issue at hand, our combined experience of over 50 years in the industry allows us to easily estimate the overall cost of any job.

This means that we can provide you with a free, upfront quote for the repair without mucking around.

Our experience with the major brands such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, and ActronAir means that we are familiar with your system (even if we weren’t the ones who installed it). We will also have parts on hand or know how much they cost and where to get them quickly and inexpensively, so you aren’t faced with unnecessary waiting times or unexpected costs.

The actual cost may vary depending on the complexity of the problem.

  • For minor repairs, the repair may only cost between $80 – $150
  • For moderate repairs that may take a few hours, the cost may be between $150 – $600
  • For larger problems, it may be worth considering replacing your AC unit completely

For a more accurate estimate, please give our team a call and they will be able to provide a ballpark figure based on the issues that you are experiencing.

Should I Repair or Replace My Aircon Unit?

Consider the Unit’s Lifespan

Air conditioners typically last between 10 and 15 years, so if your aircon is approaching the end of its life, it might be more cost-effective to purchase a new unit, rather than pay for repairs.

Try the Cost x Age Equation

A helpful tip for choosing between a repair or an upgrade is to multiply the cost of the repair by the age of the AC unit.
If the result is greater than 5000 (for example: $1,000 x 6 years = 6,000) then you should start thinking about investing in a new unit.
If the result is lower than 5000, then a repair is your best choice.

Has Your Power Bill Been Increasing?

Older, worn-out AC units draw more electricity as the system as a whole loses its efficiency over time. If you have noticed your power bill climbing without your rates changing, then it could mean that your AC unit needs more than a simple repair and should instead be replaced with a more efficient system.

Can I Fix My AC System Myself?

DIY repair on aircon systems can be tricky since you will be working with delicate parts that need to be installed correctly, while also working with electrical components.

In the short term, it may seem like you are saving money. However, unless you have the right experience and know-how, DIY repairs can create additional problems down the road and, in some cases, repairs by unlicensed individuals can void warranties.

That is why we also provide our customers with an additional 5-year workmanship warranty that gives you additional coverage and another reason to call the professionals and get it done right the first time.

What Do You Look For During a Visit?

When we come in to do any repair or service of an aircon unit, our experts also routinely check gas levels, airflow, the controller, and all filters and coils while also looking at the general condition of both indoor and outdoor units.

We also carry out carbon monoxide testing and inspections of the electrical components when necessary, including a check of how much power the compressor is drawing to help monitor power use.


When it comes to AC breakdowns, we use our understanding of shortfalls and common problems to fix bad installations as well as to prevent future issues. With a thorough inspection of the AC system, we will tell you the exact condition of your unit before we perform any repairs or service. Once you’re informed, we’ll restore the air conditioning unit to good-as-new condition.


Our work ranges from the installation of the smallest split systems (more for residential) up to some of the larger splits for commercial businesses and schools which have the more complex types of installs needed. We also easily cater for all types of rooftop package systems to very large, diverse V.R.V. installations.

Our specialties span across the more difficult ductwork modifications and revamp no matter how big or small. Most of our praised work has been done for clients who were not getting the results they initially expected from other services. They have suffered for years and then have almost given up hope as a result of other services saying it “couldn’t be improved” or “it’s working as it should”. We have always found a solution to any issue and carried out whatever work was needed. Even if we can’t fix it on the day, we will at least find the issue and work out what needs to be done. We will fix it!

One of our major strengths is understanding the shortfalls and problems commonly associated with bad installations and we carry out our work to make sure these don’t arise in the future. This is why we offer a full five-year warranty period on our workmanship. We stand by it.

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Make sure your aircon system is ready for the Sydney heat and choose the professionals who know that no job is too big or too small. You will get over 50 years of combined industry experience with professional, warranted work.

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50 years’ experience in service and repair

We use our 50 years’ experience in the service and repair sector to install these systems in a way that is trouble free, and lasts our clients many years, providing quality and efficiency, without breakdowns, disruptions, and money spent on constant call-outs.

One of our major strengths is understanding the shortfalls and problems commonly associated with bad installations, and carry out our work to make sure these don’t arise in the future. This is why we offer a full five-year warranty period on our workmanship. We stand by it.