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Air-conditioning installation

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At GAM Air Conditioning, you can trust us with the installation of both small and large split systems. Whether you need to replace an old system or install one for a new home, we’ve got you covered. In addition to split systems, we also provide ducted systems for all makes and models. You won’t regret choosing our technicians to install your AC unit today.


When it comes to installing AC units for residential areas, we can help. We customise AC units for homes, apartment buildings and all other residencies. Our highly trained professionals will handle everything from start to finish. Because our team handles it all, you won’t need to worry about hiring a third party. To get started on an installation, call us now.


Our team provides creative solutions to commercial installation. We’ll help you overcome hurdles regarding space so we can install the AC unit for the space you choose. You’ll love that we service everything from rooftop systems to hard metal ducting and electrical. We also oversee crane hire and can cut, modify and custom-build parts for you.


We cover all aspects of servicing and repairs for all major brands of air conditioning units, from the smallest split and ducted systems, to the larger package and VRV systems, whether it be residential or commercial. We do all repairs from fan motor replacement, gas leaks, compressor replacement, trouble shooting, electronics and controls.

Our 50 years of industry experience results in us solving 85% of all call-outs on the first visit as our vehicle fleet carries a huge range of parts, gases, and other equipment needed for each individual job. This means a quick turnaround for our clients as downtime and system disruption is kept at an absolute minimum.

We cover everything from a basic service to a more in-depth full service on all types of systems. These include a thorough inspection of all aspects of the air conditioning system, allowing our clients to know exactly where they stand in regards to their unit’s condition and what needs to be done before any major work takes place. We pull apart the units and in most cases return the systems to an as-new condition as you can see from pictures in the gallery.


If you have been experiencing inefficiency, a lack of performance, or airflow problems with your current ducted air conditioning system, or are unhappy and uncomfortable during extreme conditions when you depend on your system the most, then we have the solution.

Our company’s specialty is duct work re-vamping, providing your current system’s capacity is capable of handling the load to condition your premises or home. We completely redesign a custom duct plan with appropriate zoning to suit your lifestyle needs. This allows you to get 100 percent performance out of your system which in turn also saves you dollars on your ever-increasing electricity bill. This is due to our new duct design reaching your desired set point more quickly, giving you the highest efficiency even on the harshest days, rather than the system running all day with minimal results. All past systems that we have rectified over the years using this option, had previously operated between 30-60 percent efficiency but consuming 100 percent electricity. This is what is costing you money.

50 years’ experience in service and repair

We use our 50 years’ experience in the service and repair sector to install these systems in a way that is trouble free, and lasts our clients many years, providing quality and efficiency, without breakdowns, disruptions, and money spent on constant call-outs.

One of our major strengths is understanding the shortfalls and problems commonly associated with bad installations, and carry out our work to make sure these don’t arise in the future. This is why we offer a full five-year warranty period on our workmanship. We stand by it.